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Our philosophy behind training differs from most commercial gyms as we believe movement should never be limited to a single plane of motion and your training should continue to evolve with you, that's why we facilitate exercises progressions that consider your health & safety. Regardless of your background we will guide you to better health while realizing your athletic potential. 


This personalized training will pair you with one of our expert trainers for a customized workout that will target your goals and provide clear direction to ensure you maximize your efforts.

           SPORT PREP 

We help athletes enhance their performance in their respective sport by addressing the foundational pillars of athlete development. 


Movement Quality, Injury prevention, sport specific drilling, Strength, Speed, Power & conditioning 

           Dance Fitness 

Awaken your body with this rejuvenating dance fitness class combining elements of hip hop dance and bouts of low impact weights and cardio sure to melt the fat off your body.

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